Replacement Parts Services and Solutions:

Earthmoving (”RPE”)


RPE consists of businesses previously reported under the Capital Equipment Group (“CEG”) as well as KAG.

The year under review will be the first year the parts, services and solutions businesses have been reflected as a separate segment and will include 12 months of trading for Equipment Spare Parts

Africa (Proprietary) Limited (ESP), Commercial Car Components Logistics Proprietary Limited (CCC) and three months for KMP (January to March 2022).

RPE has done exceptionally well during the trading year, achieving above average results in revenue and operating profit, despite all the once-off adjustments with the acquisition of KMP:

> Revenue increased by 40% including KMP, which represents 21.2% of the revenue of R547,4 million, well above previous revenue levels

> The sustainable operating profit before interest on financing transactions and foreign exchange movements (“operating profit”) increased by 22%

> The net operating assets in this segment were R452 million and the return on net operating assets was 14.9%